Build a toolbox for your consciousness. 

The Game of NOWism is a spiritual/mindfulness curriculum which takes you on a deep adventure into the hidden magic of your average day.  Assigning you to a mission to 'save the Present Moment' from habitual negativity and mindless thought pollution, The Game of NOWism teaches you how to become unbothered by the external world, water the garden of your own potential and ultimately activate more of your potential!



This is a game for your consciousness which you design into YOUR day.

Battling with 'Stinkin Thinking'?  Not for long! Learn the rules of The Game of NOWism and train your inner NOW NiNJA to win the battle against the pollution of the mind! 

Dive into The Game of NOWism:

A 12-Module Journey Into Conscious Living.


Explore The Game of NOWism in a 12-module online experience—a deep dive into conscious living at your own pace and on your schedule. Engage with each module, unlocking the secrets of mindful living step by step.

  • Mastering Your Reality: Understand the profound truth that you are the creator of your reality, uncovering the subtle ways you may be doing so unintentionally.
  • Shifting Focus to Possibilities: Learn the art of focusing on possibilities over problems, cultivating a mindset that opens doors to endless opportunities.

  • Halting Negative Momentum: Learn easy to remember techniques to intercept negative thoughts before they gain momentum, ensuring you stay in control of your mental landscape.

  • Cultivating Alkaline Thinking: Develop 'alkaline' ways of thinking and feeling, fostering a positive and balanced mindset that propels you toward success.

  • Vibrational Mastery: Realise the paramount importance of looking after your vibration, recognising it as the key to a fulfilling and harmonious life.

  • Navigating Relationships: Gain tools to gracefully deal with 'other people,' navigating through toxic conversations and behaviours with ease.

  • Shedding Limiting Thoughts: Learn how to drop thoughts that no longer serve you, freeing yourself from mental constraints that hinder your growth.

  • Letting Go of the Past: Discover effective methods to wash your hands of the past, allowing for a fresh start unburdened by previous experiences.

  • Optimising Best Case Scenarios: Hone the skill of rehearsing your best-case scenarios, paving the way for success and positive outcomes.

  • Reframing Challenges: Master the art of reframing challenging situations, cutting to the chase, and leveraging them as opportunities for personal growth.

  •  Demystifying Manifestation: Understand why you may not be getting what you want and explore the concrete process of manifestation to turn desires into reality.

  • Consistent Inspiration: Learn strategies to stay consistently inspired, ensuring sustained motivation and enthusiasm in your daily life.

  • Unveiling Your True Purpose: Embark on a journey to discover your true purpose, aligning your actions with a deeper sense of meaning and fulfilment.

  • Revolutionising Spiritual Practice: Explore a new way to approach your spiritual practice, integrating NOWism language and conscious culture into your daily life.




Game Plan.


You are creating reality with every single thought and vibe that you have. The problem (and the grand possibility in that) is, you have somewhere between 60,000 - 70,000 thoughts a day!


The currency in The Game of NOWism is your ATTENTION. That's how you 'buy' your life experiences. How often do you accidentally 'buy an experience' you do not want?  Something unwanted caught your attention!

The mission is to put a high quality control on where we invest our attention. We go on a quest to give ‘higher vibes’ more ‘airtime’ in our minds. We train ourselves to be more interested in possibilities over problems.  We do that through training as a NOW NiNJA.

Through focusing your attention into this game of consciousness, you soon become the right condition for not only your potential to express, but for life’s ‘best’ to flow easily to you; dynamic health, enriching relationships, overflowing abundance, deep self worth and acknowledgement and exciting opportunities!  You have a good time getting to your destiny and the fine print is... 

*You help change the world one thought at a time.

Learn to Let Go!

Create Reality Constructively. 

Move Towards Abundance

Cultivate Self Care

NOW is the time!


Elevate your life with The Game of NOWism – where conscious living transforms challenges into choices! Dive into the present moment, wield the power of now, and watch as obstacles morph into opportunities. Your journey from struggle to selection begins the moment you embrace NOWism. Ready to make each moment count?


Transform challenges into choices. 

It is time to:

  • drop old habits that no longer serve you. 
  • train your mind to focus on possibilities instead of problems.
  • develop a clear strategy to deal with challenging people.
  • shift into a MANIFESTATION mindset!
  • build a strategy for your growth. 
  • build a toolbox for your consciousness!

It is time to be selective with where you place your precious attention! Every thought matters. Every moment counts! We look forwards to watching you create an amazing reality!