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The following is a questionnaire to start your journey with Kat Dawes. All your questions are 100% confidential. Your answers will give Kat some insight into where you are at. Take your time, this the beginning of your journey into NOWism. Short answers are fine, share whatever you are comfortable with. After you have finished you will be prompted to book a complimentary 20 min session with Kat to discuss your options. 

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Question 1 of 19

What is your overall desired outcome for sessions with me?

Question 2 of 19

Have you had any coaching in the past? What was your experience like? (good or bad)

Question 3 of 19

What do you think is holding you back?

Question 4 of 19

What do you do for a living? Is this your dream job? 

Question 5 of 19

What is currently causing the most stress in your life?  What is the stress level on a scale from 1 - 10

(10 being terrible) 

Question 6 of 19

What are your habits of self sabotage?  

Question 7 of 19

What are the most common negative emotions you feel?

Question 8 of 19

What do you love about yourself? 

Question 9 of 19

What are the positive emotions you feel most often? 

Question 10 of 19

What are 3 things you are NOT satisfied with in your life that you are tolerating?

Question 11 of 19

What are your three most limiting beliefs you hold about yourself and life? 

Question 12 of 19

What are you facing right now that needs immediate focus and resolution?

Question 13 of 19

Do you have a vision (personal and/or professional) for your life and if so, what is it?

Question 14 of 19

What would you like to contribute to your family, friends and the world?

Question 15 of 19

What makes you come alive? What makes your heart sing?

Question 16 of 19

If we are a vibrational match to work with each other, are you in a good place financially to invest in yourself? All private coaching programs are $3k +

Question 17 of 19

Anything else you want to share with me? 

Question 18 of 19

What timezone are you currently in? 

Question 19 of 19

For the purpose of easy texting contact with Kat – please provide your phone number

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