Hey there amazing human! Thanks for clicking on the link to check out my latest offering from NOWism! 

I am super excited to invite you to the first ever NOWIsm retreat in Bali, Indonesia!  There is something really powerful about coming together with likeminded people to not only dive into a profound NOWism experience but to do it with the stunning culture of Bali as our backdrop. 




When it comes to spirituality and being in the NOW – no culture in the world has it down quite like the Balinese.  We will be surrounded by the grace of Balinese blessings, which brings eternal reminders of the preciousness of the present moment and a renewed celebration of this life, and our unique stories. 

With a NOWism flavour evenly distributed throughout our time together, we shall dive into some of the most fun aspects of NOWism, activities, contemplations and celebrations and we shall also venture out to experience some of the magnificent spiritual experiences offered on the island. From Ancient Sound Healings - to water blessings - nourishing spa experiences and more.  

Bali naturally calls us into deeper reflection and contemplation of ‘The NOW’ and I can’t think of a better space to connect with like minded individuals, make some personal commitments to polish up the practice and keep stepping up into our greatest days! 

We shall be staying at the beautiful location, The Mansion in Ubud.  Right in the heart of the healing capital of Bali, this environment is like a kiss from the Gods, loaded with ancient secrets of Balinese mysticism.  It is where you find most of the healers and shamans on the island.


What is included?


Traditional Balinese Welcome Meal

Multiple NOWism workshops with Kat

Bali Trips, local markets, healing spaces and whatever else we can get up to on the island

Traditional Water Temple blessing with a Balinese Priestess

Plenty of one on one time Kat Dawes

 5 days in total August 15th - 20th


Not included:


Airfare - Arrival recommended for the 13th or 14th.

(Depending on the length of your flight) to get settled after your flight.  Ready to start on the 15th.

Accommodation – Recommending The Mansion in Ubud. 

We shall be using the beautiful spaces there for our workshops.

Double rooms are about AUD$120 a night. 

*Link will be provided.

Meals – some meals will be together, some won't. 


(not including airfare or accommodation)

DEPOSIT:  AUD$777 (non-refundable)

Secure your spot with Kat by placing your deposit by May 31st

Direct transfer is preferred to minimise fees. 

For next steps and payment details click the button below. 



We’ll spend 5 amazing days together, exploring Ubud and other parts of Bali, sipping on fresh coconut juices, and jamming together on the amazingness of life, dreams, and the Present Moment.  This will be a truly unforgettable adventure we’ll remember for the rest of our lives – the beginning of new friendships, new discoveries, and new possibilities that exceed our wildest expectations!


I am absolutely thrilled to be on this adventure with a conscious community of individuals who just love growing themselves! I can’t wait to take a deep dive into consciousness and explore this amazing island with you! 


∞ X

P.S. *Tips for Bali and further information along with a liability release form will be shared with you over the coming months.