$100.00 AUD

NOWism JANUARY Jam 2023

Hello NiNJA – welcome to 2023!

It's time to turn it up! Your life is calling you to step up and deepen your commitment to being exceptional!

Sustain and maintain your practice! 

What you'll get:

  • 4 weeks of NOWism inspiration.  Live and recorded.
  • Open Q&A with Kat Dawes
  • Mindful Life Hacks to continue becoming more of who you really are!  
  • Connection with like-minded kick-ass NOW NiNJAZ! These are individuals who believe in possibilities and are saying YES! to moving towards greater days!  
  • Recordings of all our sessions. Video & Audio. 

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LIVE CLASSES held on ZOOM and start on the weekend of 7th and 8th of January, 2023 

DEFAULT TIMES unless otherwise notified by Kat:

USA, Los Angeles 2pm (Saturday) 

AUSTRALIA, Brisbane 8am. (Sunday)

Australia, Sydney 9am

*Times and days may vary - thanks for you flexibility! 

If you cannot attend the live classes you will receive both a video and audio recording of our sessions. 

See you there! ∞