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Jump start your game with this invaluable tool for your consciousness. NEOS! Aka: The Switch! 

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The Game of NOWism

Who do YOU need to become in order for your dreams to come true? 

It is time for you to thrive!  Starting right here and now – in the life you are living. Learn the rules and sharpen your tools. Turn your mindfulness practice into a game! 

What you will receive.

  • Access to 12 weeks of live NOWism classes with Kat Dawes.
  • All recordings of live classes. Video and Audio.
  • Daily Vibrational Tune Ups in the form of voice memos.
  • Connection to a community of NOW NiNJAZ who are all on the quest of saving the present moment from unconscious negativity!
  • Consistency and momentum.
  • #inspiration.


In this round of the Game of NOWism you will receive access to the brand new Game of NOWism HQ. 

HQ is a platform of resources designed to assist you to fine tune your game.

This will include:

  • summary videos of NOWism fundamentals. Provided for easy asses when you need to recap and refresh on what you have learned.
  • An ever growing toolbox of different NOW NiNJA tools.
  • Assignments and Homework (play-work) to engage deeply with the game.

*Resources will be unlocked as we travel together during the 12 weeks.

Join us for an adventure into consciousness! 

It is time to:

  • build a toolbox for your consciousness
  • drop old habits that no longer serve you. 
  • train your mind to focus on possibilities instead of problems

It is time to be selective with where you place your precious attention! Every thought matters. Every moment counts! We look forwards to watching you create an amazing reality!  

What People Are Saying:

“I really wish I could have a mini sized Kat Dawes to put in my front pocket and take with me everywhere! Her wisdom, knowledge, humour, talent and beautiful ‘delicious’ personality is truly a gift and she is someone who I admire! Her game of NOWISM has really taught me to see the good and the fun in every single one of life’s hard situations. She has the time for everyone and you won’t regret playing this game, you become like a little family ... I recommend to anyone to invest their precious attention to this exciting game! Live in the NOW with KAT DAWES!!! ”

Mel Weinert

“Kat Dawes is honestly a gift to humanity... Her presence & teachings in my world have helped transform my day to day results & relationships in an epic, tangible way. I cannot recommend this extraordinary human being (or her courses) enough!”

Jasi Colley