$300.00 AUD

Want to level up? 

The last few rounds of the Game some players desired some one on one sessions with me to take their practice a little deeper. This round of The Game of NOWism I am offering a package of 3 X one on one sessions with me to fine tune your game and create faster momentum. 

These sessions can assist you with getting clear about your: 

  • Game Plan.
  • Scripting.
  • Tool construction.
  • Other NOWism techniques.

Use  private classes any time throughout the 12 weeks. 

COST: additional $699 (Valued over $1000)  

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The Game of NOWism Round #8

Who do YOU need to become in order for your dreams to come true? 

It is time for you to thrive!  Starting right here and now – in the life you are living. Learn the rules and sharpen your tools. Turn your mindfulness practice into a game! 

What you will receive.

  • Access to 12 weeks of live NOWism classes with Kat Dawes.
  • All recordings of live classes. Video and Audio.
  • NEW WORKBOOK DOWNLOADS so that you can master your inner NOW NiNJA!
  • Daily Vibrational Tune Ups in the form of voice memos.
  • Connection to a community of NOW NiNJAZ who are all on the quest of saving the present moment from unconscious negativity!
  • Consistency and momentum.
  • #inspiration.
  • A unique  toolbox of NOW NiNJA tools.
  • Assignments and Homework (play-work) to engage deeply with the game. 


*Resources will be unlocked as we travel together during the 12 weeks.

Join us for an adventure into consciousness! 

It is time to:

  • build a toolbox for your consciousness!
  • drop old habits that no longer serve you. 
  • train your mind to focus on possibilities instead of problems

It is time to be selective with where you place your precious attention! Every thought matters. Every moment counts! We look forwards to watching you create an amazing reality!  

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What People Are Saying:

My first introduction to NOWism was via Chef Cynthia Louise talking about it in her videos, and seeing it sprinkled throughout her recipes which at that time I did not understand the significance of what it entailed but it sounded good. I decided to join Kats 12 week programme in March 2021, if I had to say in four words how it changed my life my response is IT BLEW MY MIND. Participating in this over the last 3 months has changed my life dramatically in ways that I never thought possible let alone dreamed of, I am a changed person, my old life and patterns have gone and this new life has been created from PAYING ATTENTION to the PRESENT MOMENT. You might think you have heard this all before, in a way that is correct, however that’s where the similarities stop. Kats programme is delivered in such a way that the Game of NOWism is filled with knowledge ,fun and great tools to assist you in your creative journey to find and live the most epic life you desire filled with # self worth #ease and flow #confidence #abundance to name a few isms. You have the full support of Kat and if you like a challenge you can also join the live jams every Sunday with other people around the world who are also in the game of Nowism on their own journeys to a great life. I urge you to take a look and see what is really possible if you are #willing to take a risk and discover a whole new person inside of yourself.


Wow! Before I started Nowism I was in a state of anxiety and fear , feeling stuck and lost. Kat changed my life in just a few short weeks with some really simple but unique tools that anyone can apply. Now I see life from a totally new perspective. I am the master creator and every moment is a new start, a new chance to create magic. So so grateful for Kat and highly recommend getting onto Nowism!

Karla freeman

Hi Kat, LOVING the program...I can already feel the next level my life and I am on my way. So pumped!

Laura Bryant