Build a toolbox for your consciousness.


The Game of NOWism – is a spiritual/mindfulness curriculum which takes you on a deep adventure into discovering the hidden magic in your average day.  

Assigning you to a mission to ‘save the Present Moment’  from habitual negativity and mindless thought pollution, The Game of NOWism teaches you how to become unbothered by the external world, water the garden of your own potential and ultimately activate more of your potential! 

Learn the rules and build your tools! 

This is a game for your consciousness which you design into YOUR day.



Bill Ingram

Kat and all things NOWism has been instrumental in me taking my mind back and getting on with being the answer. This world needs us all to step up and bring our best – Kat Dawes has prodded me into being a better man. Thanks ninja! 

Deb Barclay

Kat has a special brand of magic.  Her ability to connect with a higher source and be a channel for such wisdom & profound truth astounds me.  She has a unique ability to relate to each individual with such kindness and generosity.
It is an exciting journey to be on and an amazing community to be a part of.

Patricia Martin

Kat’s NOWism tools have replaced the ‘shit tool box’ I’ve worked with all my life.  I NOW have tools to help me manage awkward moments, challenges I don’t  expect and I can even manage  to deal with other people – you know the ones!   In less than 10 months, I’m more confident, I’ve created  a willingness to take on personal challenges and I’ve grown mentality and physically. I have #Freedom from my own thoughts, by working on how I want to feel.   I have woken up to the energy of being in the NOW – You can too!


Live Your Best Life.


Game Plan.


You are creating reality with every single thought and vibe that you have. The problem and the grand possibility in that is, you have somewhere between 60,000 - 70,000 thoughts a day!


The currency in The Game of NOWism is your ATTENTION. That's how you 'buy' your life experiences. How often do you accidentally 'buy an experience' you do not want?  Something unwanted caught your attention!

The mission is to put a high quality control on where we invest our attention. We go on a quest to give ‘higher vibes’ more ‘airtime’ in our minds. We train ourselves to be more interested in possibilities over problems.  We do that through training as a NOW NiNJA.

Through focusing your attention into this game of consciousness, you soon become the right condition for not only your potential to express, but for life’s ‘best’ to flow easily to you; dynamic health, enriching relationships, overflowing abundance, deep self worth and acknowledgement and exciting opportunities!  You have a good time getting to your destiny and the fine print is... 

*You help change the world one thought at a time.



6 weeks of online NOWism training with Kat Dawes. One hour class per week. Mindful life hacks. Tools for consciousness. Creative strategies for building new habits. Daily vibrational tune up voice recordings. Homework suggestions. Live Q&A. Access to a hub of online resources to fine tune your game. All live video recordings.

Sustain and maintain your mindfulness practice by turning it into a game

JOIN NOW! $499


Depending on where you are, live jam starts on the weekend of October 1st & 2nd 2022 for 6 weeks.

  • Los Angeles, USA      Sat, 1 Oct 2022 at 3:00 pm PDT
  • Brisbane, Australia   Sun, 2 Oct 2022 at 8:00 am AEST
  • Sydney, Australia      Sun, 2 Oct 2022 at 9:00 am AEDT
  • Perth, Australia         Sun, 2 Oct 2022 at 6:00 am AWST
  • Auckland, NZ             Sun, 2 Oct 2022 at 11:00 am NZDT
  • Durban, South Africa  Sun, 2 Oct 2022 at 12:00 am SAST


*It is common for players to not make the live jams, fear not, you receive all recordings of classes. 



Hosted on the Zoom platform – by Kat Dawes.  Link is provided in an email after purchase.

JOIN NOW! $499


AUD$499.00 for six the entire week program.

JOIN NOW! $499

"One of the biggest challenges with sustaining a spiritual practice is that it often feels separate from your actual life. THE GAME OF NOWISM teaches you to engage with your consciousness while you go about your day to day." Kat Dawes

What You Will Learn

  •  why you are not getting what you want.
  •  how to catch a negative thought before it turns into an unstoppable momentum.
  •  how to develop ‘alkaline’ ways of thinking and feeling.
  •  why looking after your vibration is the most important thing in your entire life!
  •  how to deal with ‘other people’, toxic conversations or behaviour. 
  •  how to focus on possibilities more than problems.
  •  how to drop thoughts that no longer serve you. 
  • the real currency in life is your attention. 
  •  you are the creator of your reality and how you are accidentally creating what you do not want.
  •  how to wash your hands of the past.
  •  how to rehearse your best case scenarios.
  •  how to reframe challenging situations so that you can cut to the chase and grow.
  •  the actual process for MANIFESTATION.
  •  how to stay consistently inspired.
  •  how to discover your true purpose.
  • how to release yourself from 'the hustle' and use your energy to align!
  •  a new way to approach your spiritual practice.
  •  the NOWism language and conscious culture


Not all moments are created equal and 'positive thinking' isn't always the answer – especially when you are faced with a gritty challenge in life. The Game of NOWism will expose you to a variety of mindful life hacks so that no matter what the challenge of the moment is – you have a conscious strategy to stay in The NOW! 



There is something precious about a tribe of like minded humans. Part of the value in this course is watching how other players adopt the tools into their lives. We share our wins and our challenges. The conversation never ends and the community is a pilot light for the high vibes! 



Start every day on high vibe. These short and sweet daily NOWism reminders assist you to hit the ground running with a level of enthusiasm and willingness to stay devoted to your growth – every single day.  



Live Your Best Life. Be Free.




 Where Do You Invest

Your Precious Attention? 


How often do you get caught up in thoughts and vibes that drag you down?  Are you stuck in the past?  Worried about the future?  Distracted by people around you? The present moment is calling out for your attention!

What you focus on, you are literally voting for.  Are you paying attention?  How much attention?  What are you investing in? What would you rather invest in?

There is work to do! 

Get ready to go on a journey into the IdeaSphere, reconnect with who you really are.  Uncover your true identity – Free Will – renew your Vow to NOW and train your inner NOW NiNJA to save the present moment from toxic contamination! 


Ros Geddes

My NOWism journey is constantly evolving. Today if I ever find myself slipping off the bandwagon I simply jump straight back on with Kat’s words in my ears….begin again, begin again. By following Kat’s NOWism principles, two major changes have taken place for me: 1. #sorry isn’t a word I use anymore! I am NOT sorry for silly reasons, especially for things I haven’t done! I go through my day simply feeling #grateful to be ageing gracefully.  2. A profound mind #switch has changed the way I react and view my working situation: from momenterrorists feelings of being #trapped and #frustrated to feelings of #freedom and #wisdom. The group #energy in Kat’s live sessions is truly amazing. I just love it all!

Tanya Van Prehn

I came into the game, lost, sad, with no hope of direction. I came out with a first class ticket to what I could only dream about.  I learnt a profound way to change my life through a simple yet powerful game of consciousness. Now I know how to live my life in the PRESENT MOMENT, I choose where to place 100% of my PRECIOUS ATTENTION and I can interrupt any pointless negativity before it gets into a nasty momentum .  My life has changed in the most extraordinary ways – in a VERY short amount of time! If you are thinking about joining The Game of NOWism, or any of Kat's classes – DO IT!!  It will throw you into greatness that you only ever dream about! 


Mel Weinert 

I really wish I could have a mini sized Kat Dawes to put in my front pocket and take with me everywhere!  Her wisdom, knowledge, humour, talent and beautiful ‘delicious’ personality is truly a gift and she is someone who I admire! Her game of NOWISM has really taught me to see the good and the fun in every single one of life’s hard situations. She has the time for everyone and you won’t regret playing this game, you become like a little family ... I recommend to anyone to invest their precious attention to this exciting  game! Live in the NOW with KAT DAWES!!! 



Master yourself in the Present Moment  

  • How long can you stay 'awake'?
  • Can you remain unaffected by your environment and people around you?
  • Do you tend to pick up on vibes?
  • Do you know how to set the tone of your own vibrational frequency?
  • Do you react to life or respond? 
  • How deep do you get into your day before you fall prey to a moment of unconsciousness?
  • What takes you down? Habit? Reaction?
  • What are the main triggers that can put you to back into a sleep-walking state?
  • What are the tools you are developing in order to wakeup and stay awake?
  • Do you know how to actively let go of doubt and hesitation?
  • Are you training your attention into best case scenarios and vision?
  • How quick can you quarantine your negative thinking?
  • Are you getting more and more ‘airtime’ with the energy of your answers?