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The Time and Space Contract (download)

The Time and Space Contract is a light hearted reminder and summary of the inherent cosmic facilities you have available to you at all times during your flesh and blood adventure! You literally have cosmic powers! What if you used them?

Unlike most contracts, The Time and Space Contract humorously highlights a loop hole that allows you to break the contract as often as you like. The loop hole is FREE WILL, the opportunity to choose! This means that during your adventure in time and space you can choose to ignore your cosmic powers and live a small, gritty little life, constantly complaining about your bad conditions, unconsciously choosing to live a life of heartache, fear, lack, loss, worry, scarcity, lethargy, blah, blah blah.

Sound familiar?

But it is not too late! NOW is the time! Remember the Contract you signed! Active your cosmic powers and make all your dreams come true! Including topics such as Vibration, Manifestation, Meditation, Emotions, and Relationships, The Time and Space Contract is the essential User Manual for living a powerful human life!



“Kat Dawes is the personification of her message, and whether catching a glimpse of her spirit, hearing the words she speaks or reading pages she’s written one can’t help but be powerfully moved into their Now!”

- Mike Dooley, NY Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities and featured in The Secret

“Kat Dawes has arrived in the HERE full of the Power of NOW to set us free from being a two tense person. She in a joyful, witty way reminds us to be free of the past and future, the tenses where all problems reside.”

- Michael Bernard Beckwith,
Founder - Agape International Center Author - Spiritual Liberation - Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential