The Divine Intervention


Switch to a new

train of thought.

It’s pretty easy to get snagged on a thought, but the worst thing is to get snagged on a repetitive, shitty thought.

You know, the same old thoughts that drive the same old feelings?
They clog up your mental atmosphere and stop you from doing cool stuff..

At some point, enough is enough – it’s time to flick the switch.  Enter your details to learn how. 

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Hi there, I'm Kat Dawes!

This is an amazing time in human history and I am really honoured to share with you my life's work and passion – a fresh approach to mindfulness – I call NOWism.

NOWism is a modern finger, pointing at ancient wisdom. Ultimately it is a personal practice of conscious participation in the present moment. 

The curriculum is loaded with mindful life hacks, wisdom, humour and endless food for thought.  It is my mission to assist people like you to come home to the Present Moment and rediscover the magic of life, right here in the life you are living.  The fine print is, as you fall back in love with your present moment you become the perfect vibrational condition for all sorts of brilliant manifestations. Your dreams start to come true.

NOWism has also become a movement of transformational entertainment; a universal reminder service of the opportunity and responsibility of creating reality.  Your power is in the present moment! And YOU are the hero in this story!

May you say yes! to the quest of training to be a NOW NiNJA, renew your Vow to NOW, and join us in saving the present moment from the unnecessary negative thought pollution of the dreaded Momenterrorists!

There is a LOT of fun to be had here and there is a great deal of work to do. You are here for a reason and I am excited to connect with you further. 

Global transformation takes place through individuals. That's you and me. Undivided!  I trust you will find plenty of inspiration here to refresh your present moment and reignite your passion for life. After all you are a one hit wonder in this universe... and your song is playing right NOW!

Thanks for turning up in my digital space! 

Kat Dawes X


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Private Coaching with Kat Dawes

Need a vibrational tune up? Or are you ready to get into the trenches of your consciousness and totally recreate yourself? Working with Kat will put you into an inspiring momentum.  Kat will tailor the NOWism practice to support your specific needs. A few different private coaching options are available.

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12 Week Course

Join us on our mission to save the Present Moment from habitual negativity and mindless thought pollution! The Game of NOWism is a high value online program which shows you how to create your own NOWism practice. Learn the rules and build your tools! This is a very unique program designed to educate and entertain!  

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NOWism online course

It’s time to upgrade your personal intentions, make a course correction and consciously participate in a new game plan for your life!  Shutdown the old programs and upgrade your vision. This is a step by step program to recreate your life. 


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Transformational Entertainment.     

I have always felt that entertainment is the greatest educator. It is my honour to produce mindfulness content to inspire and delight!  Check out the video section for more! 


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