A new game plan for your life. 


It’s time to upgrade your personal intentions, make a course correction and consciously participate in a new game plan for your life! 

It’s no secret that 2020 was a global plot twist that none of us saw coming!  Whether you were thrown around like a rag doll that year or surfed the waves of change like a ninja, we all have one thing in common…  

2021 has arrived and we need to play a different game.

New Year's Resolutions took on a whole new importance in 2021 and you know deep down you cannot continue to play a passive game. You cannot move forwards being the same old you – not if you want different results! 

Our world is changing and what you may not realise is – the upgrade is going to happen through you! Global transformation takes place through individuals. It is time for you to turn up!  Wipe the slate clean, shut down the old programs and redesign your life from the inside out! 

But before we get too serious about it all, I wanna remind you that vibration is key!  There is no point crafting a genius plan, if your vibration is loaded and coded with #doubt, #urgency, #fear and #frustration!  

A new direction is not just about goal setting and making new plans, it is about being strategic and very deliberate in your energy. 

That is why I have crafted this first ever NOWism Online Course -



Access NOW!

Reboot the NOW!

is a unique personal development program designed to inspire you to cultivate a fresh perspective and reconnect with your original game plan. You know you came into this life with unique gifts and abilities, this program will show you how to activate them. 

Unpacking the classic concepts of mindfulness, manifestation and meditation, you will be inspired by a totally unique delivery as I walk you through the process of shutting down the programs that no longer serve you and ultimately Reboot your NOW! 

 Facing your old programs has never been more creative, we shut down the messy open tabs, clear your internal cache and defrag your entire system!  With the main frame switched off, we enter The Void. Facing the fear of the unknown you enter into a most epic battle AKA: Meditation.  You soon emerge victorious having overcome yourself and all the old programs! You then enter into the enchanting domain of Infinite Potential! 

From here I show you how to access the most epic version of YOU!  We test drive some realities, taste test some timelines and rehearse your best case scenarios!  As you reignite your ability to dream the BIG dreams you select new spiritual source codes and start to build completely new programs. #love #abundance #confidence #vitality #ease #flow #creativity #genius! 

With the importance of vibration in mind, I have crafted a humorous and poignant step by step course to assist you to DO THE WORK - but most importantly with the right vibe!  

All too often we hijack our momentum of manifestations and New Year’s resolutions  by being too heavy and heady about the process.  Reboot The NOW will inspire you back into the magic of your life, putting you in the master programmers seat - Free Will - with clear instructions about how to create your next EPIC chapter of reality.

Who is this for?

  • You love topics such as mindfulness, manifestation and metaphysics.
  • 2020 changed some things for you and you need a fresh slate. 
  • You want a deeper understanding of the Law Of Attraction. 
  • Something happened that feels like GAME OVER – you are ready to begin again.
  • You want to maximise the totally new momentum that has come from 2020.
  • You feel like you are here to do something exceptional!
  • You are ready to begin again, but need a new approach.
  • You feel you have a momentum in the wrong direction and ready to turn it around.
  • You want to fine tune your intention of who you are and what you are becoming. 
  • You want to turn a feeling of failure around into a meaningful initiation. 
  • You have been interrupted by 2020 and want to reassess where you are headed.
  • You want to BE the change but not sure where to start.
  • You want a playful new framework to approach your next chapter.
  • You want to live from a vision - not hustle!
  • You are ready for a new start. 
  • You are ready to Reboot your NOW!

Dust off the vibes of 2020 and restart the engines!

Come back home to yourself and let’s dream BIG! 

There is something that has been trying to happen through you and it is time for you to honour it. May you catch the opportunity of this very special time in human history, shutdown the old, redesign your life from the inside out and reboot your NOW! 



This program invites you to take the weirdness and interruption of 2020 and make some internal adjustments and carve out a new vibrational plan.

Who do you need to become in order for your dreams to come true?