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It can be tricky to stay present in a world that seems hell bent on distracting you.  It feels like just about everything in this reality is designed to take you out of the present moment and annoy you in some way; prod you, push you, piss you off and then put you off. What’s really interesting (or horrifying depending on your perspective) is that our culture is normalising difficulties. Individuals are more likely to connect over their pain and disappointments than their dreams or victories. People get together and complain about stuff. The weather, the price of petrol, the state of the world and that selfish #[email protected]%# down the road who should know better.  If it’s not one thing – it’s your mother. We do ‘negativity’ on autopilot and in many cases we look forward to it. I often warn people, beware of the Diffi-Cult – don’t join them! You’ll get swept up by the latest worst case scenarios and get stuck in a ‘dwell’. THEN you’ll become a Momenterrorist and holy NOW COW – we don’t need more of them. 

What we need is to chill out, stop the negative momentum and partake in a serious perception correction. Not only are there far more things working in this present moment, the misuse of our precious attention is a serious, yet silly situation. 

YOU create your reality. That’s a fact. And this isn’t a message coming to you from the unicorn fluff factory, no! During this time in human history the power of consciousness is a measurable phenomenon. Your chronic focus, thoughts, and vibes are dancing in a cosmic storm to influence time and space circumstances and events. 

So, where are YOU investing your precious attention? 

Back to the distractions. 

Yeah, but what about the corruption, disease, debt and doubt?  Can you really stay positive in a world that is getting high off of negativity? And even if we can, should we? Isn’t that spiritual bypassing? The fact is, the world has turned weird. How can you stay in The Now when there is an urgent march towards the future? 

Well, once upon a time I began asking those very questions and after seeking out some answers by going to seminars, reading books, buying t-shirts and aum-ing myself into altered states of confusion. Eventually I uncovered a short version of the ultimate answer.


Great idea. For how long? 

Forever. But just start with NOW. 

Staying present is a full time gig. And when I realised the monstrous size of that task I realised we are all in trouble. 

Then I was hit by a brilliant idea.  


It is my experience that the practice of growing oneself can become a heavy and heady situation. There are so many potential paths to take, so much to learn, even more to UNLEARN. Ironically, mastering a spiritual practice is all about mastering your vibration. It is when we relax our personal energy field that we become the right condition for our lives to shift and lift into a new story. A new story that includes all the delicious outcomes that we all desire: vitality, wholeness, abundance, connection, intimacy, purpose and passion. Everyone is interested in creating a better life but an overly serious approach to it messes up the actual vibe that is going to call the result in!  


Who knew that intensely good intentions could be the actual villain in disguise that hijacks the dream from coming true? 


This is why I created NOWism and this is why I am delivering to you Wisdom + Jokes.


#play is one of THE most underestimated energies. In fact, #humour is an essential component to successfully growing yourself. And just so you know, I am actually speaking from experience. All the times I sat down and ‘tried to manifest’ something, I failed - spectacularly.  But every time I stayed easy about it and took to the ‘work’ with a little dash of ‘play’ (#plerk) I had incredible results sneak in through the back door and take over my reality when I wasn’t looking. I was busy having a good time.  


So it is my desire to deliver to you an inexhaustible stream of wisdom + jokes so that as you go about your spiritual/ personal growth practises your energy remains the right condition to actually receive your desired results! 


Wisdom +Jokes


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