Whether you know it or not,

you are ALWAYS in the process of manifestation. 


So the question is... are your thoughts working for you or against you?  

Join me NOW!

Learn How To Use Your Energy


To Create Your Reality. 


I am excited to invite you to my Manifestation Masterclass where I cut to the chase and share with you everything I know about the art of manifestation. 

I know there are countless courses out there on this topic and quite frankly sometimes the word 'manifestation' can make me cringe. It has been hijacked by consumerism and materialism which is part of the reason so many fail to understand the spiritual technology behind it. 

What does manifest mean?  

What do you want to manifest? 

WHY do you want to manifest that?

Is there really a formula that you can just follow?

Why does it feel like sometimes it works and sometimes not? 

Why can you manifest a car park like a boss – but not your long desired success in a career, project or partner?

Manifestation is about VIBRATION, it is about alignment, conviction and most importantly it is about worthiness. How can you possibly attract the life of your dreams if you don't feel worthy of having it? In my masterclass I will show you the steps of how to start building your life towards amazing manifestations – starting with your thoughts and your vibe. 


Join me NOW!

What is included?


Access to two separate LIVE recordings of the Manifestation Masterclass. 

#1. A three hour Manifestation Masterclass.


#2. A two hour Q & A follow up with Kat Dawes.


Audio recordings of both sessions.


Worksheets for you to download. 


2 x Manifestation Meditations to assist you to connect daily with your desired future.


Clear steps to start becoming the right conditions for your dreams to come true. 


Manifestation Method


Learn the steps to take you from confusion to clarity.  Establish a clear plan and momentum towards manifestation. 


What NOT to do 


Understand once and for all how your looping thoughts cause you to continually manifest things you don't want. 


How to raise your vibe


Learn how to make each moment count towards your ultimate manifestations.  Raise your vibe and keep it high no matter what mood you are in!

Why listen to this Kat? 


My claim to this work is the demonstration of my own personal manifestations. I have lots of radical stories of starting with nothing and creating something. I have attracted breakthroughs in my career, money, relationships and also called in all sorts of opportunities. I have so many stories that back up the techniques for deliberate creation but my latest demonstration is by far my favourite. 

A little context:

For a long time I have had a deep interest in animation and amazing story telling.  One of my dreams has always been to create transformational entertainment and tell a great story that is themed NOWism – loaded with entertaining stories and fables.  I wanted to do it REALLY WELL. I wanted to learn from the best in the world. I wanted to be surrounded by the best of the best in the story telling, movie industry.  But with zero experience in the industry, how was I supposed to chase that dream? Where do you even start? It felt logical to have loads of doubt.   

In my Manifestation Masterclass I will share with you how a purchase of a mug with the MARVEL logo on led me to being mentored by one of the worlds greatest storyboard artists. The man who storyboarded Spiderman 2 and 3 along with a stream of blockbuster films. Not only was I flown into Los Angeles (all expenses paid) to Paramount Studios to learn from the best in the industry, but just like a breathtaking movie that has EPIC story structure, I am now engaged to my mentor

 Well that escalated quickly! 

In my Manifestation Masterclass I am going to show you how starting right where you are, you can use your thoughts and energy to attract desired outcomes beyond your wildest dreams!  I will give you the steps to raise your vibration, sustain and maintain your focus and stay fit for your next manifestations as your life starts to take off!

*you are catching me at a potent personal manifesting moment. 

Join me NOW!

My NOWism animation manifestation. Introducing the NOW NiNJA! 


Create Change FAST


Learn the power of your energy and how by inducing conviction you will close the gap from where you are to where you want to be –  FAST! 


Manifestation Meditation 


Download the manifestation meditation and listen to it daily so you work the muscle on a daily basis speeding up your manifestation momentum.  

Work out what you want 


Say goodbye to messy manifestation. Clarity is creation! Learn how to clean up your intentions and therefore your momentum towards your manifestations.