NOWism Open Jam!

4 classes with Kat Dawes

Let's dive into a delicious conversation about conscious participation! 

May 30th to June 26th, 2021

(one week off in the middle due to an event Kat is attending)

AUD$100 for all 4 classes!

Join us NOW!

What happens in the

Open Jam NOWism classes? 


We all walk away inspired, lifted and shifted
ready to take on the world one conscious thought at a time.


The open jams are precious because they are 100% organic. No two classes are ever the same because of the unique combination of people who turn up and the different questions they ask.

Questions can range from how to find purpose to how to stop being distracted, how to deal with other frikin people and how to start the engines of motivation and action! Money, romance, health, addiction, creativity, desires, memories and manifestation. There is no limits. 

Members are not required to participate or speak if they do not feel to. This is a loving casual space where delicious conversations emerge.  You can ask a question, you can email a question, you can just listen in and enjoy the ride. You don’t need to come to the live class, you will receive recordings of everything.

"If you have ever been curious about my work, this is a wonderful way to taste test the magic of the NOWism practice, culture and community.   I hope you will join us." Kat Dawes