Build a toolbox for your consciousness. 

The Game of NOWism is a spiritual/mindfulness curriculum which takes you on a deep adventure into the hidden magic of your average day.  Assigning you to a mission to save the Present Moment from habitual negativity and mindless thought pollution, The Game of NOWism teaches you how to become unbothered by the external world, water the garden of your own potential and ultimately activate more of your potential! 

Learn the rules and sharpen your tools! 

This is a game for your consciousness which you design into YOUR day.


Karla Freeman

Wow! Before I started Nowism I was in a state of anxiety and fear , feeling stuck and lost.  Kat changed my life in just a few short weeks with some really simple but unique tools that anyone can apply.  Now I see life from a totally new perspective. I am the master creator and every moment is a new start, a new chance to create magic.

So so grateful for Kat and highly recommend getting onto Nowism!

Laura Bryant

Hi Kat, LOVING the program...I can already feel the next level my life and I am on my way. So pumped! 

Sharon Heyme

"You're amazing. Thank you for all you do.  Energy is beautiful and always a reminder to be present. Your voice clips rock my mornings!"



"One of the biggest challenges with sustaining a spiritual practice is that it often feels separate from your actual life. THE GAME OF NOWISM teaches you to engage with your consciousness while you go about your day to day." 

Kat Dawes


for different situations and circumstances.

Not all moments are created equal and 'positive thinking' isn't always the answer – especially when you are faced with a gritty challenge in life. The Game of NOWism will expose you to a variety of mindful life hacks so that no matter what the challenge of the moment is – you have a conscious strategy to stay in The NOW! 



There is something precious about a tribe of like minded humans. Part of the value in this course is watching how other players adopt the tools into their lives. We share our wins and our challenges. The conversation never ends and the community is a pilot light for the high vibes! 




Start every day on high vibe. These short and sweet daily NOWism reminders assist you to hit the ground running with a level of enthusiasm and willingness to stay devoted to your growth – every single day.  


Where are you investing

your precious ATTENTION? 


Reality Creation is no small game.  You are Free Will, the great co-creator, collaborator of the Divine! Loaded with a very powerful universal currency, you are on a quest to create epic stories on a timeline in Time and Space!

The currency in the Game of NOWism is your attention.  What you focus on, you are voting for.  Are you paying attention?  How much attention?  Is it an investment? 

Get ready to go on a journey into the IdeaSphere and renew your Vow to NOW, train your inner NOW NiNJA and say yes to the mighty quest!



Game Plan. 

You are creating reality with every single thought and vibe that you have. The problem (and the grand possibility) is you have somewhere between 60,000 - 70,000 thoughts a day!



The currency in The Game of NOWism is your ATTENTION. That's how you 'buy' your life experiences. How often do you accidentally 'buy an experience' you do not want?  Something unwanted caught your attention!

The mission is to put a high quality control on where we invest our attention. We go on a quest to give ‘higher vibes’ more ‘airtime’ in our minds. We train ourselves to be more interested in possibilities over problems.  We do that through training as a NOW NiNJA.

Through focusing your attention into this game of consciousness, you soon become the right condition for not only your potential to express, but for life’s ‘best’ to flow easily to you; dynamic health, enriching relationships, overflowing abundance, deep self worth and acknowledgement and exciting opportunities!  You have a good time getting to your destiny and the fine print is... 

*You help change the world one thought at a time.


What you will learn:


  • you are the creator of your reality and how you )often accidentially) are creating it.
  • how to focus on possibilities more than problems.
  • how to catch a negative thought before it turns into an unstoppable momentum.
  • how to develop ‘alkaline’ ways of thinking and feeling.
  • looking after your vibration is the most important thing in your entire life!
  • how to deal with ‘other people’ and toxic conversations or behaviour.
  • how to drop thoughts that no longer serve you.
  • how to wash your hands of the past.
  • how to rehearse your best case scenarios.
  • how to reframe challenging situations so that you can cut to the chase and grow.
  • meditation. 
  • why you are not getting what you want.
  • the actual process for MANIFESTATION.
  • how to stay consistently inspired.
  • how to discover your true purpose.
  • a new way to approach your spiritual practice.
  • the NOWism language and conscious culture.
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 What is included:

  • 12 x one hour live classes.
  • Video and Audio recordings of each class.
  • Daily mini voice recordings that serve as a vibrational tune up. This brings an inspiring start to each day.
  • Class worksheets to guide your homework experience. 
  • Connection to an ever growing community of ever expanding NOW NiNJAZ!

What do you need?

  • an email address.
  • Zoom app for live Q&A
  • FB messenger (optional) for ongoing NOWism conversations during the week.
  • #willingness 
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Master Yourself

in The Present Moment 


  • How long can you stay 'awake'?
  • Can you remain unaffected by your environment and people around you?
  • Do you tend to pick up on vibes?
  • Do you know how to set the tone of your own vibrational frequency?
  • Do you react to life or respond? 
  • How deep do you get into your day before you fall prey to a moment of unconsciousness?
  • What takes you down? Habit? Reaction?
  • What are the main triggers that can put you to back into a sleep-walking state?
  • What are the tools you are developing in order to wakeup and stay awake?
  • Do you know how to actively let go of doubt and hesitation?
  • Are you training your attention into best case scenarios and vision?
  • How quick can you quarantine your negative thinking?
  • Are you getting more and more ‘airtime’ with the energy of your answers?

A NOW NiNJA develops a series of tools for different situations. It’s like learning a bunch of karate moves with your energy and your thoughts. Quack!  Water off a ducks back!  DiLiH - drop it like it’s hot. Reflect. Deflect a miserable moment, transmute, reframe, alkalise, alchemy, switch, lift, shift. Reboot. Begin again. Refresh!

The Game of NOWism teaches you to fall in love with the moment, no matter what the moment is. You develop a new relationship to challenges and pain and you cultivate a deep respect for your attention, your vibration and well being.

The Game of NOWISM isn't a course, it's an introduction to a culture...

...a personal culture of mindfulness that you build into your own life. Not only do get clear about  what you want and why you are here, but you soon catch a clear vision for your life AND you have loads of fun getting there!