Manifesting with Zoe Marshall.

I first met Zoe Marshall around 10 years ago when I was guest speaking for Andy Dooley on tour in Australia.  She had just married professional NRL player Benji Marshall and their fame as a couple started to increase.  Starting with no experience, Zoe was determined to make her own waves in the world of media and entertainment. 

I became her 'manifestation coach' and assisted Zoe to create the right mindset and energy required to take her own career into success. As soon as she cracked her own NOWism code she was off and running. 'Manifesting' gigs in both Australia and New Zealand, she has co-hosted 4 radio shows hosted travel, cooking shows and wellness shows. More recently Zoe has moved into the podcasting world hosting for hugely popular Mama Mia and then creating her own hugely successful podcast The Deep

It has been a rollercoaster of a life path for Zoe, she has had to face a lot of fears and do a lot of healing. I am deeply honoured that not only have I played a role behind the scenes in inspiring her towards her success, but I have witnessed the power of her commitment to her 'NOWism' practice and what this discipline has brought to her in the long run. I am super proud of this amazing woman and the amount of dedication she has had to her practice. 

In September 2022 Zoe finally had me on her podcast The Deep...and in her private subscription we go Deeper


Zoe testimonial
My Manifesting Coach – Kat Dawes

From Zoe:

What can one say about Kat Dawes?  It’s almost impossible to put that infinite magic into words – wow. Kat came into my life like a pixie that I’ve never seen in this world and since then I have been able to break through limiting beliefs and play in the world of manifesting the most audacious things.   

Now I am living in a constant space of finding magic in the mundane which we know is the magic key  to bringing in more abundance, joy ,more happiness and well-being.

It (NOWism) has become like second nature to me but that is because of the consistency of working with Kat, she keeps me on track.  Even to this day we touch back on things that I need to strengthen and I feel so grateful to have had her guidance and wisdom and I continue to have her guidance moving forwards.   

Now I’m able to integrate some of her work into mine which is just such a sweet marrying of what the world needs right now.  I truly appreciate her work and honestly the world would be a better place if everyone had a little sprinkle of Kat.   

Zoe Marshall.

Work with Kat

If you feel ready to work with Kat and dive deep into the possibilities of what you can create for your life.  Please click the link below and follow the prompts. 

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